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All European legislations require safe means of access to roofs for maintenance operations, in particular with regard toprotection against falling from height. Providing security equipment for the safe access to the roof is the responsibility of the building owner and/or operator, whose liability may be invoked in case of falls. All European legislations also prefer the recourse to collective protection to individual protection.


92/57/CEE, concerning the ‘minimum safety prescription for temporary works’.

Maintenance of roof machinery falls into temporary works.
It obliges the ‘maitre d’oeuvre’ to name a ‘safety coordinator’ before the beginning of the
works and obliges the architect to draw up a file on subsequent interventions on building
The 92/57/CEE (annex IV, §5.2 works at height) also stipulates that works should not
be carried out without adequate collective means of protection like work platforms with
guardrails or netting. If the nature of works excludes the use of collective protection,
individual means of protection like a lifeline or other system with anchoring to the building
structure must be supplied and used.
2001/45/CEE, relative to the use of safety equipment indicates also the preference
given to collective protection versus individual protection concerning the risk of falls from height..
These two European Directives are now enforced in all European countries by local decrees and orders: they have considerably modified the data concerning safety at work

The standards governing roof edge railings

Peripheral railing: All of the elements that form a barrier intended to protect workers
from the risk of falling from height and to retain objects and tools. There are currently 2
standards governing peripheral railings:
> EN ISO 14 122-3: Permanent railings, ladders and stairs for safe access to machinery.
> EN 13 374: Temporary peripheral railings.
SECURIGARD® railings are included in the field of application of EN 14122-3 standard
insofar as they are permanent guardrails intended to protect maintenance operators on
roof machinery.
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