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Guardrail for industry facilities

The GC60 : the railing for industry

The GC60 is a new generation of railings made in galvanized steel specially designed for the permanent protection of bridges and industrial machinery . Also suitable for the protection of roofs and terraces inaccessible to the public.
Compliant with EN ISO 14122-3, the railing GC60 consists of bollards with or without bracket . It can be fixed on special fasteners made ​​in our workshop and welded on the bridge or via a mounting plate welded to the post. It consists of a handrail Ø40 mm and an intermediate rail Ø30 mm. These elements are assembled directly on site and thus adapt to all configurations of gateways, or bridges.

Product advantages :

Rugged : Made of steel , the GC60 is composed of stanchions ( flat iron) of section 60x10 mm. It is manufactured for resistance 60DaN/m. The different coatings(galvanized steel, painted steel , galvanized and tinted steel) can be adapted to any industry, including the most aggressive. It is also possible to fix the GC60 on flat roofs inaccessible to the public (contact us) .

Due to its design, the railing GC60 enables :
A simple and easy calepinage : The bollard landed on
tailor-made fasteners to be fixed or welded to the host structure. Fixing the handrail to bollard is using self-tapping screws. The positioning of the GC60 can therefore be done directly on site.

A reduced mounting time :
The assembly , made on site, facilitates the delivery of products. The installation requires few tools . The specific profile support keeps skirting the plinth on each stanchion before final fixing . The installation can then be done by one person in less time .

Easier maintenance and servicing:
In case of shock or solicitation of GC60 , only
damaged posts and rails will be changed without removing the entire protection. Moreover, storage, transport and handling are much simpler with a small footprint .
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