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Guardrails for solar panels

The photovoltaic railing SECURIGARD ® is a new generation of galvanized steel railings designed to protect the edges of roof terraces inaccessible to the public while allowing implementation of solar panels.

Compliant with EN 14122-3 , the railing OVALIC ® PV can make protection of roof terrace rentable, acting as host structure for most solar panels on the market . The inclination of the panels at 30 degrees to the horizontal provides optimum performance. In addition , the possibility of installation on the north side and the south side of the building ensures optimum production.

The advantages of GUARDRAIL ® PV OVALIC :


  • Robustness: Photovoltaic railings consist of bollards of section 50x30x2 mm, in galvanized steel . Through a patented counterbalance system , it is possible to install on most buildings, that are located in areas of wind 1,2,3 or 4.
  • Easy and quick installation : To minimize installation time on site , rails and angles have a rivet-head and fit into each other . The number of pieces and therefore the cost of installation are reduced to a minimum. The installation of the modules is performed safely and easily .
  • Product Compatibility : The PV ® OVALIC range is compatible with all configurations of flat roofs and all existing guardrail SECURIGARD ® . The railings can be installed on steel or concrete parapets with fixings on Z or on wall, on new buildings or renovation .
  • Reliability over time : Railings for photovoltaic modules are compliant with standards EN ISO 14122-3 . They require no special maintenance and are guaranteed for 10 years.
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