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Fixing on plate with waterproofing system

Product advantages :

  • Complies with EN 14122-3
  • Practical , the base in hot-dip galvanized according to EN 1461 is independent of the steel railing . It is of variable height depending on the thickness of insulation.
  • Simple and quick to install , the base attaches directly to the slab. The absence of the flange on the base facilitates the realization of the sealing.
  • Sly, the flange is positioned on the base after the completion of the sealing. It is removable and can be lifted without interfering with the seal. It fits on models OVALIC ® (steel and aluminum).

SECURIGARD ® offers several models of railings to meet the needs of formal protection of flat roofs :

> OVALIC ® : Safety on a case by case basis.
The height of the railing is defined depending on the height of the parapet . ( Steel or aluminum upright or stanchion )


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