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Guardrails ® freestanding STABILIC are recommended when attaching to the parapet or deck is complex or impossible. Generally for buildings under renovation, they are installed directly on the surface, getting rid of all problems encountered on sealing when installing the products.

Les advantages of the railing freestanding STABILIC ®

1 - Insertion of the rails through the stanchion for better overall strength . Spacing of the openings made at the factory makes them strictly in accordance with standards.

2 - Elevated counterweight arm in order not to touch the waterproofing. This allows water drainage and prevents the combination of dead leaves or other elements that may cause alterations in the covers.

3 - Strengthening the EPDM sole at the end to preserve the seal.

4 - Profiled front panel specially designed to prevent slippage of the railing even on a smooth surface , or without parapet (exclusive Securigard ® ) . Dynamic test without stop.

5 - 25 KG concrete weight with grip handles providing easy handling and preventing musculoskeletal disorders.

6 - Concrete weight equipped with pins facilitating piling and packaging, provided with a manufacturing date for traceability, and instructions for installation ( steel or aluminum).

7 - Concrete weight under plastic shell with a high resistance to UV and rounded edges coating to preserve the seal of the terrace.

8 - Patented locking pins per clip, making it impossible to dismantle and also acting as a witness solicitation product .

Compliant with NF E85 -015 and EN ISO 14122-3 ,
Simple and quick to install ,
Preserve waterproofing of flat roofs ,
Compatible with all configurations of flat roofs, with or without parapets ,
Available in steel or aluminum,
Exist in straight, tilted or curved
model for a perfect integration into the building .


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