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Depending on the type of roof, type and age of the seal , the presence or absence of a parapet wall , or wall cover... railings can be set according to several principles: Z attachment , English fixing, fixing on plate (French fixing) , self-tapping screws fastening on metal roof .

To follow architectural evolutions and new construction methods , SECURIGARD also offers new bindings that meet the air and water tightness on buildings. This is the case with reinforced Z plates , reinforced Z with thermal sealing and new bindings on slab with sealing. The increase in solar or photovoltaic installations on metal roofs also led SECURIGARD to develop a new railing for metal roofs (isolated or not)

 Fixations  Advantages
 Avoids drilling of sealing
 Reinforced Z  Avoids drilling of sealing

 Reinforced Z with         thermal sealing

Avoids drilling of sealing
 English fixing  Avoids removing wall cover
 Plate  Avoids drilling of sealing
 Plate on slab with sealing  Fixing on slab with added sealing
 On steel cladding  Fixing on steel cladding (sealed or not)


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